Hello world! Enter: Loftur Studio

It’s always great to start something new! We welcome you to Loftur Studio’ new blog. Our adventure with Kofi quest: Alpha MOD started in 2015, when we decided to consolidate our indie video game studio y start with a PC adventure. Ever since, we’ve been working on that and shown our progress in some specialized events, where pros and gamers have helped a great deal by sharing their impressions.

In 2016 we visited Gamelab Barcelona and Barcelona Games World to get some feedback that would help us improve the development of our game, and we’ve been working hard to direct the project towards what it would eventually become and to start the last phase of development.


Gamelab Barcelona 2016
Kofi Quest in Barcelona Games World 2016kofi-quest-barcelona-games-world-2016-test

Kofi quest: Alpha MOD is intended for launch in 2017-2018. During this year, we’ll be using this blog to update the most relevant events in the development process.

Welcome, one and all, to Kofi’s world!