Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is NOW on Steam!

“An incredibly funny game that will get you hooked and amazed in a way that few games can.” NaviGames

“As amazing as it is funny, with a unique personality that’s overwhelmingly charming.” Hobby Consolas

“Interesting strategy gameplay with a variety of units and heroes (…) The humorous writing and voice overs are excellent.” Gideon’s Gaming

“The title strives to offer novelties until the very end of its campaign, something that, together with the good story it tells, keeps you glued to the mouse from beginning to end.” 3D Juegos

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Game features

Videogame characters that know they’re videogame characters. In the Kofi universe, the characters are aware of their digital existence. It’s shown often in the webseries.

RPG, RTS and graphic adventure mechanics. The adventure itself uses a narrative that will not fail to remind of the classic graphic adventures. And all of that with hints of an RPG set in a universe heavily inspired by 16-bit-era RPG.

Troop control. Troop control, group management, captains with special skills. All of it with comedy as a main ingredient. In essence, the game is an RTS in which we can control an army of newbie (and pathetic) characters. Explore Neighborwood. The explorable map expands the one we’ve shown in the webseries, but is perfectly loyal to it.
RPG. Find or buy weapons and equipment that allows you to improve your characters; multiple enemies with different qualities: find the best strategy to win. Graphic adventure. An adventure full of humor and exciting all the same that talks about a beginner adventurer’s road to self-improvement, and the importance of teamwork. With loads of surreal situations and unforgettable characters.
Voice acting. All voiced characters from the webseries (and many new ones who are hopping aboard) will be voiced in the videogame by the same VA. Some NPC have no voice, as a villager from Startville kindly let us know. Be lame. In this game you’ll take control of the lamest and overall most terrible hero wannabe you’ll ever see. Your sword’s broken and your best friend’s a booger, but hey, you can ride a direwolf.

Some info

  • Game title: Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD
  • Developer: Loftur Studio
  • Release date: 28th January 2020
  • Steam page: store.steampowered.com/app/705340
  • Platform: PC/Windows (at launch)
  • Controller: Mouse and keyboard
  • Genre: Indie, Adventure, RPG, Strategy
  • English voices and text.
  • Price: TBA
  • Official website: lofturstudio.com/kofiquest

Meet your “special” army!

In Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD, Kofi will find himself tangled up in an important mission way beyond the silly tasks that the lazy mercebinary is used to. During this pathetic adventure he’ll meet interesting characters that will help him reach his goal. The ones here are but a few! In the final game you’ll be able to control more characters!

Kofi. Not the strongest warrior around, but… but nothing, really. His sword is half broken, and if worse comes to worst you can throw stones at your enemy or run away (spoiler alert: not the fastest guy around, either).

Lime. Kofi’s loyal companion. He can spit snot and blow himself up, but don’t rely too heavily on him: he slopes off the second you’re not looking.

Wargo. Now this is a powerful summon! Ride him to battle! Use him when things really get real! If he feels like answering the call, of course..

Human kids. Geared with sticks, and with skills and strengths that would rival a puppy, but  there’s loads of them and sometimes it’s quantity over quality (not true).

Elven kids. Geared with lame bows, their arrows don’t quite fly true, but hey, you can shoot stuff from afar.

Moles. Dig holes to create a tunnel. You can always trust a mole.

Engineer. Can fix holes and other structures, as well as disable some traps.

Wizard Beetle. We don’t know much about who it is or what it’s looking for, but it can float, shoot energy balls and summon exploding beetles, so we’re cool with that.

Story (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD)

Kofi, a character from an RPG, lives quietly with his summon Lime and, far from going out to explore and level up to catch up one day to the elite mercebinaries, he spends the day playing videogames and lazing around. One day, a strange boy shows up in front of them claiming he’s lost a valuable bottle. Kofi and his friends accept the quest and that’s when things start getting complicated.

Influences: Think of it as a Zelda meets Warcraft III

Creative influences. When creating Kofi’s world, the biggest influences were the universes of Zelda and Warcraft. These influences are so tangible in Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD. In addition to the artistic influence, the game takes from Legend of Zelda some of its fundamental elements such as exploration, the hero’s journey or the acquisition of new skills to open new routes.

The game was designed primarily as a comical Warcraft III single player campaign in which you could explore the whole map between quests (finding new enemies, items and some sidequests). There is also a strong influence from Monkey Island saga, and other Lucas Arts Games graphic adventures, when it comes to its narrative comedy.

Listen to the Soundtrack

Main Theme (Trailer version) (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD OST)

Intense Battle (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD OST)

Startville (Kofi’s town) (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD OST)

Shop Theme (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD OST)

Liam’s Theme (Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD OST)

Kofi as a webseries

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is an expansion of the Kofi universe, which started as an animated webseries in May 2014 (February 2018 for the English version). Both the webseries and the videogame are developed by the same studio and with the same artistic team, direction and production. If you want to step into Kofi’s world, you can watch all the episodes for free in Youtube.


Full episodes here!

By clicking on the title of the video, you’ll be taken to a playlist with all the episodes published so far.



Kofi universe summary. “Kofi is a character from an RPG. He spends his days lazing around and hasn’t even made it past level 10. Kofi goes to his instructor to ask for help improving and gets gifted with a summoning skill as an attempt to motivate him to keep pressing forward in the game. Kofi’s summon’s name is Lime, a slime that happens to have zero motivation and be even lazier than him, and that would rather nest himself in the couch in a valiant attempt at doing nothing together than help him progress. Will this be the start of an endless stream of pointless games or the beginning of a great adventure?”


Webseries or game? The transmedia universe of Kofi

In the timeline of the Kofi universe, the first three seasons of the animated series take place right before Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD, but both products are scripted so they can also be enjoyed independently. You don’t need to have watched the show to understand the game, nor the other way around!


Screenshots (webseries)

Screenshots from the show at Youtube.

About Loftur Studio

Loftur Studio is an independent studio created in 2013. We decided to start working on the Kofi universe to experiment with the animation and the videogame at the same time. The team behind Kofi consists of people interested in the world of animation, videogames and voice acting. We launched the animated webseries of Kofi in 2014 in its original language (Spanish) and began development of the videogame Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD in 2015. Currently, we’d launched the English dub of the webseries while working on the final phase of development of the videogame.

Our aim with Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is to create a fun playable experience, trying to deliver humor through narrative and gameplay. We want to create a game with a unique feel by combining mechanics from RTS, RPG and graphic adventures. Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is our first commercial videogame and we’re excited for walking this road, as well as for being able to share this universe with any and all gamers who feel like stepping in.

Development team (game)

  • Jesús García Ferrer. Direction, Writing, Game Design and Art.
  • Ernesto Pacheco. Animation and Cinematics.
  • Jaume Vera. Programming.
  • Marcos Herranz. Programming, Tech Artist.
  • Angel Rubio. Programming.
  • Mariano Ruiz. Music.
  • Dari García. Translation.
  • Voice actors/actresses. Anthony Rotsa, Veronica Polo, Diego Rodríguez, Javier Ramos, Lisa Krosnicki, Paul Christalos, Alicia Lobo.

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